8 Reasons Your Existing Websites Need A Redesign

1) Is your website fresh? Having a fresh website helps your visitors stay on your website rather than skipping your website. What do we mean by fresh? Fresh with content, current in the technology and coding used, and current with what your visitors expect for usability. Updating your website with the latest content engages visitors . It helps search engine spiders index new content and in turn, your website will rank high on search engines. Fresh technology keeps your website visible as old technology can lead to your website being suppressed to visitors. Usability is the ease with which a visitor can interact with your website which increases engagement and interaction.

2) Create a professional image for your website. Outdated graphics can turn away your visitors and lead them to your competitor’s updated website . A clean-looking website gives a professional image to your business and creates leads and sales.

3) Forbidden code can lead to your website being banned by search engines. Also, the outdated code on your website is pretty hard for search engine spiders to read your website. As technology changes it is a must for website owners to get updated with the latest technology on your website otherwise your business will be left out of the competition.

4) Design flaws can add difficulty in getting listed in search engines and directories. As web technology has evolved websites have to meet certain standards so that your website can recieve the attention it deserves from the internet.

5) Updating your keywords is a key to the success for your website. Keywords allow you to tailor your content to your audience while increasing returns on any paid advertising you may do. Identifying new keywords and increasing your keyword density for effective placement and website optimization will promote organic growth and long term sustainability for your website.

6) Replacing your outdated and flashy images with fast-loading images which are clean and appealing will keep visitors on your website while creating a lightning fast experience.

7) Check that your website is compatible with all the current browsers. There are many websites that are non-compatible with different browsers causing them to lose site traffic and lose any search engine rankings they’ve previously gained. With the plethora of browsers currently available it is important to optimize your website for compatibility across browsers.

8) There are sites on the internet where visitors want to use a link (or take an action) and they can’t locate the link so they leave the site due to frustration. Having easy-to-locate links on your website will help visitors find the information which they are looking for which, in turn, will increase sales and leads.

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